Food Pantry

Food Fight

The name is silly, but the cause is not—hunger is a reality in Escondido.  It is not unusual for families to find their pantries bare before the end of a pay period.  Ironically, as the need becomes greater, due to higher unemployment and lower-paying jobs, the availability of food to be given away has shrunk.  That’s why Trinity joined with many other congregations to focus on increasing our donations through the end of the year.  As of this writing, Trinity stood in 2nd place in the competition, but, of course, Trinity’s victory is not the point.  Our hope is to meet the needs of our neighbors.  So remember Interfaith, as you are able, when you shop.  Any nonperishable food item can be helpful.  The best way to shop is to buy what you would eat, remembering Jesus’ point, “whatever you did for the least of these my brothers and sisters, you did for me.”


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