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#inclusive — here’s what it looks like!

#inclusive Photo mosaic by: bshamel23 @ Mosaically

This mosaic, a copy of which is now hanging in the Parish Hall, is made up of thousands of impossibly small pictures of life at Trinity. But you don't need extra-powerful glasses to see the details, just click on the mosaic itself and check out the wide variety that is Trinity.

Meg’s Musings

Where Have I Been?

I love to tell the story... That old hymn isn't in the Episcopal Hymnal, and with good reason--we don't love to tell the story! While other Christian denominations have encouraged their members to share their testimony, we're not like those sorts of Christians. Episcopalians have always been reluctant to push their faith on others. We're polite. We don't want to offend. We want to leave room … more of Meg's Musing... about Where Have I Been? about Where Have I Been?

Bible Study

Listen to a Recent Sermon

The Reverend Meg Decker delivers a Sunday sermon:


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