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#inclusive — here’s what it looks like!

#inclusive Photo mosaic by: bshamel23 @ Mosaically

This mosaic, a copy of which is now hanging in the Parish Hall, is made up of thousands of impossibly small pictures of life at Trinity. But you don't need extra-powerful glasses to see the details, just click on the mosaic itself and check out the wide variety that is Trinity.

Meg’s Musings

Church + Politics: #relevant?

Churches should stay out of politics! I haven't heard this advice for years, maybe because Christians on both sides have shown that it's impossible!  You can't even talk about sports without risking a conversation with political implications.  Maybe not everything is political, but there aren't many degrees of separation.  A church that avoids politics will end up with nothing to say, or at … more of Meg's Musing... about Church + Politics: #relevant? about Church + Politics: #relevant?

Bible Study

Listen to a Recent Sermon

The Reverend Meg Decker delivers a Sunday sermon:


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