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#inclusive — here’s what it looks like!

#inclusive Photo mosaic by: bshamel23 @ Mosaically

This mosaic, a copy of which is now hanging in the Parish Hall, is made up of thousands of impossibly small pictures of life at Trinity. But you don't need extra-powerful glasses to see the details, just click on the mosaic itself and check out the wide variety that is Trinity.

Meg’s Musings

New Year’s Resolutions to Keep

New Year's Resolutions--yearly promises to improve, usually forgotten by February--could this secular tradition to build our spiritual lives?  At Trinity, we can, using our four Advent themes as a way to emphasize the Christian difference in our lives. How might these four enhance your 2017 journey around the sun? Consider the possibilities: Four Spiritual Steps for 2017 HOPE:  We begin here, … more of Meg's Musing... about New Year’s Resolutions to Keep

Bible Study

Listen to a Recent Sermon

The Reverend Meg Decker delivers a Sunday sermon:


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